Mycoff Fry Partners may not post all recruiting engagements on this page. Please keep your information current to ensure you will be considered for all applicable opportunities. If you have interest in one of the following positions, please email an updated resume to the individual referenced in the search description.

Opportunity List – Click the link to download the full description:

Director Customer Service Oversight – Long Island Power Authority – Long Island, NY (9/8/2020)

Executive Director – Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships – Lexington, MA (posted 8/17/2020)

Managing Director-Chief Executive Officer – JEA – Jacksonville, FL (posted 7/20/2020)

General Manager – Burbank Water & Power – Burbank, CA (posted 7/13/20)

Chief Executive Officer – Fayetteville Public Works Commission – Fayetteville, NC (posted 7/13/20)

Vice President Finance and Rates – Umatilla Electric Cooperative – Oregon (reposted 7/3/2020)

General Manager – Modesto Irrigation District – Modesto, CA (posted 7/3/2020)