What will Mycoff Fry Partners do after receiving my resume?

Mycoff Fry Partners will contact you by phone or email to confirm receipt of your resume. In cases where your background is a fit for an ongoing search assignment, you will be contacted immediately via email or phone. In cases where an individual’s qualifications or background does not fit our business focus (utility-related positions), you may not be notified.

How does Mycoff Fry Partners communicate with candidates throughout a search process?

Candidates are kept updated regularly as search, selection and interview processes proceed. We also take pride in notifying applicants who are not selected for a vacant position. Certain searches may dictate that we communicate via email due to a large number of applicants. This occurs more often with broadly advertised searches.

Is Mycoff, Fry and Prouse a contingency recruiting firm?

No, Mycoff, Fry and Prouse contracts exclusively with clients to network and locate individuals with a particular set of qualifications and experience.

How often do your associates contact each individual from your database?

This will vary depending upon the type of positions we are currently recruiting and a candidate’s geographic and compensation requirements. It is not atypical for us to be in touch several times a year. However, there may be more quiet periods as we try our best to target appropriate calls to potential candidates. Most individuals that stay current with us tend to be contacted one to three times per year.

Does Mycoff, Fry and Prouse recruit for management positions?

The majority of our search assignments span the top three tiers of a typical utility’s organizational chart.

What types of utility organizations does Mycoff, Fry and Prouse recruit for?

We recruit for investor-owned utilities, public power utilities and associations, and cooperative utilities as well as service organizations (consultants and vendors) to those utilities. Please contact us for a more specific explanation or a reference list.

Will Mycoff , Fry and Prouse send my resume without contacting me?

Absolutely not!! When we have an opportunity we believe is a good fit with your interests and qualifications, you will be contacted via telephone. We then wait for your approval prior to sending your credentials and logistical information to our clients.

Will Mycoff Fry Partners charge a fee to potential candidates?

No! We are a retained search firm whose fees are paid by the clients who engage us to conduct a nationwide search.

Will Mycoff Fry Partners accept un-solicited resumes?

Yes. In the event we do not have an engagement that immediately fits your credentials, it is more than likely that an appropriate search will arise within a short timeframe. The best way to guarantee that we will contact you with appropriate positions is to have your updated credentials in our database. Feel free to submit a new or updated resume with us at any time by clicking on one of our team member’s email addresses, or by sending it to our corporate email account at mail@mfpllc.us.

Does Mycoff Fry Partners handle recruitment for Boards of Directors and other interim and/or contract work?

Yes. Mycoff Fry Partners does handle recruitments for Boards of Directors and we anticipate more board development work in the future. In addition, we offer placement services of interim and contract employees. Through that service, we utilize retired utility experts whose strengths and capabilities can be used to:

  • Fill vacant positions during a recruitment process
  • Function in short-term but critical roles
  • Mentor and train existing employees

If you are a client or candidate interested in more information, please contact us.