Mycoff Fry Partners offers flexibility in our recruitment process, but we generally provide two tiers of retained recruitment services: “Executive” and “Personnel”. We find that “executive” level recruitment processes are most appropriate and effective for CEO, COO, Director, Vice President, and other senior level positions that require an in-depth analysis of candidates’ past performance and qualitative skills. Boards often desire and benefit from this full-service candidate identification and evaluation service. “Personnel” recruitment services are typically used for first- and second-line managers and supervisors. In all recruitment efforts, Mycoff Fry Partners’ scope of work includes:

Information Gathering

At the beginning of a search process, Mycoff Fry Partners meets with clients to obtain information regarding:

  • The responsibilities and duties of targeted vacant positions.
  • The desired training, experience, talents, skills, and personal attributes of desired candidates.
  • Organizational information including operating performance, business strategies, revenue, financial condition, customers, staff, resources, corporate culture, etc.
  • The relationship of the targeted vacant positons to the organization.
  • Advancement opportunities within the organization for the recruited individual.
  • Regional statistics (i.e. population, climate, growth rate, regional culture, cost of living, etc.).

Develop a Position Profile

Mycoff Fry Partners uses the gathered information, in consultation with our clients, to develop a position profile or “search description”. The profile describes the responsibilities, duties, required training, education, experience, and personal abilities, along with information about the organization and resources for candidates to research the location.

Conduct Recruitment Activities

In every search, Mycoff Fry Partners researches our database to identify potential candidates. We contact these individuals to determine their interest and suitability or to solicit suggestions of other possible candidates. Mycoff Fry Partners conducts telephone interviews to evaluate candidates’ qualifications. We then submit our recommendation of the most qualified. From this list, we assist our clients to select a list of semi-finalists.

Interview of Candidates

For “executive” recruiting assignments, Mycoff Fry Partners conducts or assists the client to conduct face-to-face interviews with selected semi-finalists to further evaluate candidates’ suitability and to assist the client in identifying top prospects.

For “personnel” recruiting assignments Mycoff Fry Partners does not interview selected candidates. Once we complete our telephone screening process, we assist the client to identify the most appropriate candidates and schedule telephone and subsequent face-to-face interviews between our clients and candidates.

In all recruitments, Mycoff Fry Partners will notify candidates of their selection or rejection, conduct background investigations, and assist with salary, contract, and employment negotiations.


Mycoff Fry Partners offers a one-year guarantee on “executive” recruiting assignments and typically a six-month guarantee on “personnel” recruiting assignments.